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Published 19th November 2014 |
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Aldi it seems are not going to lie down and take Morrisons new ploy to gain custom with their reward card. Aldi have released ads containing the wording 'charge more and refund' and 'why not lead on price rather than price match.'

Have they got a point?

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Sometimes I got Morrisons, sometimes it's Tescos. It's more to do with which road I'm driving out of my town on rather than being enticed with loyalty cards. But Morrisons does seem to beat Tescos on a lot of products price wise, though can't speak for Aldi, still in the snob zone 

I've got a points card for Tescos, and had the petrol one for Morrisons, but Morrisons have now changed it, you fill out a form and they send you a new form.

2 weeks later I'm still waiting. So this morning I drove off route to specifically go to Tescos to fill up, purely because I've got a reward card and can get a few pence of fuel. So for me reward cards work.

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Reward systems can work, but you can get sucked in to a trap that your rewards are worth more than they actually are.

My former partner always went to Tescos for fuel because she got points - she drove past Morrisons & Sainsburys, both with a fuel forecourt - wasnt until i pointed out that the points were worth less than the 2p a litre more she was paying that she stopped going.

I agree with the pay less in the beginning policy - fed up with Sainsburys giving me a voucher to spend on the next shop - cheeky blighters even time restrict the discount too !


It's only a reward scheme if the goods you are buying are at the same price as the shops competitors and if the competitors do not have a reward scheme. I would like to see a scheme much like it was with the Green Shield stamps so all retailers operated the same scheme, which would allow consumers a choice of where to shop.... Another daft voucher scheme are the ones where you have to spend £40 or £50 to get a £5 gift voucher of your next shop, provided of course you spend another £40 or £50 quid


I think 'Price-Match' is a waste of time. If my


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