Government Help for small businesses

By : Business Owner
Published 1st July 2020 |
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Hi......Just wanted to say, that for some reason not all self employed workers received Government help.....if your income was less than 50% of your total income, you were excluded from any help, which seams a bit unfair, in that half your income or whatever percentage, is gone, but there is no help...........


That does appear to be the case, yes. Which is really hard if you're in that position. I got some help but it was very little really as one of the years it included I was on maternity leave. Ultimately they had to draw the line somewhere I guess. 

What line of work are you in? The best way forward for people whose businesses are struggling has been utilising their skills and/or network to create new opportunities or new services that are needed. 

Don't give up.

I have a Small embroidery/workwear company and as  most of my regular customers are not working ....neither am I.....just don't know why, on a sliding scale of income one gets help and another dosen't......but hay ho....


It is frustrating, there are definitely gaps and loopholes.

The standard line is that the government has targeted 90% of business owners and self-employed, but that's little comfort if you are one of the 10%.

Hope things now start to pick up for you as we slowly move away from the abyss.

Steve Richardson
Gaffer of My Local Services
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