Will Anyone Else Be Celebrating

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Published 29th January 2020 |
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On leaving the EU this Friday........ or will it just be me?...


Party for one Barney? 

We had a power cut last night.... coincidence? And so it begins...

I made a long post and it disappeared lol..So couldn't be bothered to write it again..

I am so happy we leaving at long last 11 more months and we will be OUT.. BUT...... I like the idea of what it used to be like ..All under 1 roof so to speak but not ruled by twits in another country.. As I do believe we need to 1 in security and trading rules and other IMPORTANT aspects ,but let countries run themselves  

Andy-C | Pewter World

Well said Andy,

the biggest problem a lot of people in Britain have,is an extremely negative mindset.

They have been dependent on the EU for so long, they have no vision to see that Europe is not the world.

They were conned into joining in the first place,the British people were deceived.

We should get behind the leaders, and focus ahead.

There is a whole wide world out there.

Most people don’t realise how evil those E.U. dictators are.

And what goes behind the scenes.

Good riddance...

Why do you think they make leaving so complicated?

Because they they want you to have a choice? NO!

If they think Britain is the last to leave, watch this space.

You realise were currently still having to abide by all the EU laws by now have no say in them... What a great move. 

It’s my understanding we will always have to live under any current EU laws........ But the unelected bureaucratic body will not be able to dictate to us anymore red tape and legislation........ which has to be a good thing... just waiting for my nice new blue passport to arrive now....


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