How to Start Your Own Business from Scratch

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Published 5th December 2019 |
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How are you doing, my name is John, I have been working for 11 years as a business owner of Wandsworth Locksmith and I would like to give some tips how to start a business from scratch.

-Find yourself and your business.  Work with your ideas  actively.

-Start working on your strategy.

-Understand what you want to open and what you don't want to open. Who do you want to work for? For whom not? How will you grow up? What won't you do for any money?

-Determine the location of the company.

-Determine how much money it takes to start a business.

-Start "business planning," not creating a clear "business plan."

-Explore the market.

-Decide on the legal side of the matter.

-Find the source of funding.

-Draw a diagram on one page - work on your business plan.

- Prepare the indicative calculation of potential profit.

-Decide if you need to hire staff or not.

-Think about how to build a brand out of your business.

-Start representing the company online.


I hope my pieces of advice to be useful.

John Richards, Wandsworth



Thanks John. I guess it's a case of one size doesn't fit all as I don't think I did many of those things. 

Dear Rebecca, thanks for you comment Everybody is unique so these tips can`t work equally. 

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