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Published 4th September 2019 |
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9 months on and am still having the same issue. I just can't seem to get my products to show up..Built a better site just about everything better. But It's been a while since my last sale. I'm not complaining, but am annoyed that google is quite happy to take my money every month for no return..So I may have to pack in google as I'm on my last legs here money wise..( I made a promise to my wife not to use our own money ) So may have to drop google and carry on on my own steam... I am turning to Bing to give them a try have a meeting with them tomorrow , so am going to try and sort something out with them.


Andy-C | Pewter World

I'm struggling to understand the question when you say you can't seem to get your products to show up? Show up where? I see you have a website, do you also have the free google business listing?



In google shopping (Sorry was having a bad day ) when I search for any product on google. co .uk ..Hit the shopping tab none of my products show every other competitor does,it just annoys me. I've only got a few errors on google merchant centre. Just had my google ads looked at , both accounts are linked.. My merchant centre was also set-up correctly and does daily uploads. Yet nothing....

Although funnily enough I spent an hour yesterday with Microsoft Bing on the phone setting up my account correctly as they contacted me asking if I wanted help.. If I can get bing shopping working I may just jump ship and go over to bing as they have been so helpful in answering all my questions and have learnt a heck of a lot  + they cheaper than google   

Andy-C | Pewter World

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