Social bookmarking is not accept Mutual Fund?

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Published 9th August 2019 |
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We have done the SEO for one of the reputed commodity trading company. The problem is we are unable to post the mutual fund link in social bookmarking websites. If we post the link, they suddenly suspended the account? Why?

Steve Good,
GWC India Pvt Ltd

Most sites these days stop you dropping in random links. We do here. You need to find a way to add value to the sites you use rather than dropping links all over the place. Give advice or information on subjects that relate to the business. Write blogs or articles to drive traffic to the place you want it. 

The problem with anything to do with trading is who knows if it is reputable, as there are so many that aren't, I imagine that they suspend accounts for certain types of business to protect the consumer. 

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for your valuable reply. We posted all other links(5 links with 10 keywords) they accepted, but reject only the mutual fund link. We have followed now blog content posting, article posting, blog commenting ect...

Steve Good,
GWC India Pvt Ltd

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