Hi everyone

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Published 11th June 2019 |
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Hi everyone,


I've just joined the site and thought I would come and say hello.


My name is Abbey - I'm an Integrative Therapist who has a small private practice in SW19, London.

Integrative Therapy draws upon a range of different psycho-therapeutic techniques to help people quickly and easily move past whatever the issue is that they've been having.  Unlike traditional forms of therapy which spend a lot of time focusing on the problem, I like to spend our time together focusing on the solution.  The clearer you can get on what it is that you want from life, the more easily we can help you achieve that goal.


If this sounds good to you and you'd like to know more about what I do or discuss how I can help, please get in touch.




0203 2900 603

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Hi Abbey and welcome to the forum. Thank you for such a great introduction, I am a great believer in different therapy helping different people. I found CBT a bit rubbish, but I know others who love it, for example. 

What made you want to be a therapist?

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