Debenhams bites the dust

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Published 10th April 2019 |
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I was sad to see that Debenhams has gone into administration, even sadder as I have a gift card I need to use! They are still accepting them but I wouldn't buy any new ones if I was you. Also large purchases with warranties etc. might be worth  avoiding. 

I love the whole department store vibe but I guess it is dated now and the prices don't compete well with online shopping. Sad times!

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I was sad to see that Debenhams has gone into administration”

That’s being in the EU for you..... All those jobs that are going to disappear ...... Just hope John Lewis survives the death of the high street...


From what I hear they did it to themselves as they were offered a buy out but (Can't think of his name right now) wanted to be CEO and they said no ???? Go figure

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