How to Market your new Business on a "Shoe String" budget?

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Published 25th February 2019 |
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This post assumes you have just started a business that sells either a service or products:

Getting up to speed quickly with your new business is vital to generating profit and testing assumptions (if the business will work) without you loosing too much time and money. I have personally setup 4 businesses and helped thousands of new startups and here are some tips I have for getting started on a tight budget.

  • Branding:

I am a big fan of 99designs for their very professional logos and the way you can get multiple talented designers working at the same time based on your direct feedback. I have used them a few times, most recently for this logo:

A great logo can be created for around £239. 

  • Website:

A simple website that converts your visitors to customers is key as you'll need have a home for all your online and offline marketing. You don't need a huge fancy website, the basics will do for now. You can always build a huge ecommerce website once your business has proved successful.

Harbour Websites make excellent websites starting at around £500 which look and function really well. 

  • Online Directories: have a great tool to check if your business is registered on the business directories online. I have used this to find the most popular and useful place to put my companies information. Obviously Google/Yell/Facebook are huge and should be very well developed first. This can all be completed for free using just your time.

  • Reviews:

Ask everyone you complete work to complete a review, this is great in the early stages and you can even offer an incentive for these customers. Building a trustworthy brand is key to gaining new clients.

Any remaining money should be spend getting clients.

Jack Morgan - Director



Thanks for contributing, some good basic tips there for everyone. Reviews are so essential! Obviously this business directory and the other free ones that are less known than Yell can be really good for getting you out there too. 

With my admin hat on I took out your self promoting web links as we have the village marketplace for self promotion and try and keep the threads more neutral. 

Which social media platform do you favour? 

Of course I would like to add the is a great free directory which actually brought the quickest customers organically to our website! Highly recommended!

Thanks for the note about the village marketplace. I will make sure to direct any promotional activity there in the future.

Social media we are focusing on FaceBook and LinkedIn.

Thanks again Rebecca.


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