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Published 13th May 2018 |
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I used to dismiss all these social sites as I tried a few and never really understood them (Except facebook and twitter) so sort of parked them on the side and not bother

Although I have recently started using Pinterest and pinning all my products on the site.I only started with a few just to gauge how things went and was very surprised to see that people actually click on these and even puts my facebook page to shame.Also judging by the product and area someone has actually bought off me though pinterest (although can't prove it)

So it got me wondering now if I should make an effort to start using others that are as easy as pinterest. I did a search and there are well over 60 different places... What sites do you all use apart from Facebook and Twitter

Andy-C | Pewter World

I have to admit I mostly use Twitter and Facebook, with a bit of LinkedIn. I don't have products to showcase so Pinterest and Instagram aren't that helpful. I probably need to start using Instagram for short videos but it's just another to do! I use them both for personal use but not much. 

Good question Andy.

Like Rebecca though, tend to concentrate on Facebook and Twitter, although mainly Facebook because it works well for us. Not been on pinterest for yonks. Even Linkedin and Google+ is once in a blue moon 

But different site suit different businesses so if it's working for you, good news and start pushing it. 

Steve Richardson
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If your products look good and you are a bit nifty with a camera, then Instagram is a great platform for you to use. You post images only (not links/blogs/content) of a certain product and can use your bio to include a link to said product, encouraging traffic to your website.

Easy to set up and you can grow your audience relatively quickly.


Many thanks,
Natalie - Your Local Girl Friday

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