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Published 9th May 2018 |
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Looking for help in increasing my rankings for my autograph website.

I have used several companies in the past but never got much of an increase in rankings or customers.

Any help etc would be highly grateful. 


Thank You




I can advise 1 thing you need to shorten your Site Tagline should be around 70 characters ...Where you hover your mouse over the tab

Another thing is you are taking customer details , you need to ensure you website is Fully GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation ) it means updating terms conditions and lots of other things ... Welcome to the nightmare 

Run your web address though and see what can you done to improve .Look for page titles it says it is way to complex 

Otherwise it doesn't look to bad , from the basic point of view


Andy-C | Pewter World

Hi Greig,

I'm no SEO expert but your website home page is very very text heavy and it doesn't make that much sense to be honest. The grammar is all over the place and this may well have an impact on a Google ranking, it would certainly affect sales I'm sure. Especially as in your line of work you need to come across as very trustworthy and authentic. 

I would suggest using a copywriter/proofreader such as myself or someone who offers a similar service, in order to tidy up the text. This will definitely help. Key words are crucial but they need to be in readable sentences. 

I hope you don't mind my honesty, I'm just trying to be constructive. Best of luck with it all.

Kind regards

Hi Greig

Rebecca is right - Google are now doing more 'human' (as opposed to Googl-bot) searches so they are looking favourably on websites that make sense, have good grammar, are actually readable etc. So definitely get that sorted first.

Secondly, Google likes it when you keep your content fresh and current as it thinks 'oooh this website is nice and active'. Try to refresh your content regularly - change a few words here and there, add some news, add a picture of a new job and describe what you did; anything that you can change on a weekly basis.

Also add in lots of keywords - these are the kind of words that people would type in to the Google search bar to find you - so my guess would be 'famous autographs', 'actor's autographs', 'musician's autographs' for a start so use these within your content whenever you can without sounding too repetitive! 

Good luck!

Many thanks,
Natalie - Your Local Girl Friday

This would be a good starting point for you.

Hi Grieg,

Some good suggestions above, however, I would like to advise you to get your website in order before you start looking at trying to get better exposure.  To be blatantly honest, even with the best of SEO, your website is just not attractive enough to make me want to buy from it.  I'd like to see your bounce rates as I bet that they are pretty high.  Do you have analytics you can look at?

Never fear though as these things are easy to resolve.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that you made that site yourself, and if so, unfortunately, it shows (If not then I'd seriously ask for a refund from whomever you paid!).  

There are fundamental problems all over the site, and it just doesn't follow basic standards when it comes to business websites (something that the majority of small business owners fall foul of).  There are too many issues I feel you need to address before you even look at SEO.  Right now you are throwing money into the wind.

Put simply, if your website is not making customers buy from you in its current form, it's pointless sending more people to it as they won't buy either.  A complete waste of money (which I assume is what you have found with the guys you have hired before).

Additionally, what are you trying to accomplish?  Better exposure of your site, or better exposure of your products?  I ask as site SEO and e-commerce SEO are two very separate beasts and need to be dealt with differently.

Then there is GDPR which comes into effect on 25th May.  You have quite a lot to do with just that as you dont even seem to have a privacy policy, not to mention the 9 cookies currently running on my first visit.

Just to satisfy my own curiosity and to answer your original question, I ran an audit on your site.

There are loads of redirected pages (which I would assume that the SEO guys sorted out?) however among other things, there are also hundreds of images that have no ALT text, which seems odd seeing as this is a fundamental on the SEO checklist.

I wonder exactly what the SEO guys did for their money, and more importantly how much you paid them!

Anyway, hope this has been helpful and I wish you luck in getting it up to scratch.


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