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Published 11th April 2018 |
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I belive you should not be abkle other xompany loan debts , its out of control, Even if you pay them ot take the cheap offers.

They stay on the file someone else sees them, buys them and tries to get the money again.

Thet are worse tha the loan companies as they charge interest, i had to sort them out 

Everyone beware 



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Thanks a lot for the post! We need to look out for these things and beware!

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I got a shock the other day .. was listening to the radio and there was a advert for loans , I almost fell off my chair at the interest rate , it was something like 400% .. I don't take anything above 9% , 6% is better

i thought the government had sorted these loan companies ou, i can  see them coming back to bite everyone again



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