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Published 6th March 2017 |
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Issue flagged on MLS. HMRC scam you need to watch out for. Can't believe some people can be silly enough to fall for something like this  


Issue details:
I've received an email apparently from HMRC saying that following a review of my previous years tax payments I am eligible for a tax refund of £265.84.

When I click on the link to process the refund I am prompted to enter private information and bank account details.

I fear this could be an scamp.
Could you please confirm whether the email received is a genuine one & I am actually entitled to the above tax refund.

Thanks & Kind Regards

Thanks, Rachael Kennedy
MLS Marketing Team

Many of the scams! Different people are pretending to be HMRC, so good to watch out for these!

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Hi all

HMRC do not email their "Customers" about confidential tax issues or ask for personal details via email.

Somtimes there are other giveaways but the best approach is always to avoid clicking on any links and delete.

Kind regards


Barry Nudds, Chartered Accountants  (Reregistered been busy for a while)




Sort of a scam. Eventually person's identity will be jeopardised. Avoid any sort of compliance with their reuqests.


MNRC Accountants Ltd

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