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Published 14th February 2017 |
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As we all know a lot of large businesses and small have recently been the victims of online hackers. This causing huge sums of money spent on more secure forms of website security. 

Online hackers won't stop, they hide behind a screen and are 'clever' in their ways of tapping in to some of the largest businesses in the world, we have recently seen the hacking of two large organisations; Sony and Yahoo. Alongside many more. 

Today ITV news has announced that the Queen herself will be opening a new HQ Cyber Security centre to try and prevent hackers. Businesses are warned that they are not fully prepared for the rising threat of hackers and that this £1.9 billion investment will save businesses money in investing in expensive online security. 

The centre is said to work with the industry to 'tighten security'. It is said that:

  • There have been 188 cyber attacks on businesses in the last three months.
  • 9/10 have said to lack in management plans of cyber security.

Not that I think the Queen will know much about online cyber security, but hey ho lets give her a chance.... 

Thanks, Rachael Kennedy
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I think this is great news and shows the government and state security services are taking cyber crime seriously.

One of the biggest issues is education, and website owners and internet users can take more responsibility by taking security more seriously.

A lot of ecrime is opportunistic, ie kids running simple scripts from hacking for dummies looking for easy targets. Basically a digital version of leaving valuables on display in a locked car. This can be defeated by using complex and different passwords, two factor authentication where available, along with common sense when it comes to unknown email attachments or social engineering (hello this is Bob from tech support, can I have your password...) 

Hopefully youngsters coming through school and colleges are more cyber crime conscious and savvy than us older farts 

Steve Richardson
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It is a long time coming and there are probably other countries who haven't reacted as quickly as they should.   The UK is now taking this very seriously and this new centre is certainly a step in the right direction.   Having worked for a Government client, it opens your eyes to who and what is a threat be it physical or cyber.  

I'm a customer of a number of companies who have experienced hacks; thankfully it has not affected me but I've checked accounts, changed passwords, etc.  I've even covered over the camera on my laptop after finding out that hackers can get your passwords etc by watching through it.    I've also told callers from the "Microsoft Technical Centre" aka an African call centre to go away and so far they haven't bothered me again.

As for the Queen not knowing much about cyber security, don't under-estimate any member of the royal family.   They do their homework before any official function/visit.  Although HM may not actually tweet herself, I'm sure she at least knows the basics!

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