'Fat Cash Wednesday'

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Published 4th January 2017 |
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What a way to begin the New year for top executive bosses.Top bosses will have earned more by midday on Wednesday than typical workers earn in the entire year.

I guess its alright for some Stefan Stern the High Pay centre director has said that although this is great for those earning it, it is an important reminder of the unfair pay gap in the UK. 

He is right it does emphasise the unfair pay gap however most high payed executives work 12 hours a day and most weekends taking less than 10 days holiday per year; so surely this is evidence that they do work extremely hard and deserve the money they are earning. If anything this should motivate and encourage other people earning a smaller salary to work extra hard in order to aspire to build their careers and earn this type of money.

What do you think? 

Thanks, Rachael Kennedy
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I'm always more cynical of these stories, they are good headline grabbers.

A CEO who is accountable to shareholders and responsible for keeping  a business profitable and jobs secure deserves decent compensation for their leadership and the amount of stress and responsibility they have to deal with. Unfortunately some high profile cases of bosses reaping rewards when things aren't going well, or getting sacked with obscene pay off's doesn't help the cause.

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