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Published 4th October 2015 |
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I see from a quick look that there a chats from all over the UK ...So if I post up an add how do I keep it local to my area ?? I am now in my mid 50s and after working around the UK and abroad I am now hoping to work more locally. I am a carpenter/joiner and am confident in all areas of building ,I am NOT very confident with online advertising but can grasp that nowadays to get work the best way is to be online....... any advise would be very helpfull... Thanks Gavin.


Hi there welcome to the forum..

Best bet would be to wait for 1 of the forum moderators who will be able to help you with setting everything up

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I see from a quick look that there a chats from all over the UK ...So if I post up an add how do I keep it local to my area ??”

You can try localised advertising like Facebook Ads or ads on your local online forums, newspapers, websites that matter. You can run a customised blog with keywords and issues addressing your local community. 

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Hi Gavin, welcome to the forums. I moved your thread over to the sales and marketing forum as you've asked a specific question. The forum is made up of members from all over the country and beyond, but most people have or have had similar issues, experiences or have advice to offer.

If you're more used to traditional marketing, then online promotion can be daunting, especially when every man and his dog wants to sell you something, badger you or rip you off!

Key thing is to spend nothing initially, ignore everyone who bombards you with demands and promises of lead generation and millions of new customers, and work out what it is you actually want to do.

It's hard to give a meaningful answer from one post, so to target local clients you can utilise social media, organic (ie free) or PPC (pay per click), or via your website if you have one. Or as said above, interacting in online communities (which can also be classed as social media).

So to be a bit more help, any chance you can answer a few questions?

Do you have a website?

Are you comfortable/familiar with Facebook?

Are you happy paying for lead generation, or are you only looking for free advertising?

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Happy to help Gavin, can you be more specific or answer Steves questions?

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