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I have to agree with the shocking automated system the royal mail provide.  I have entered details and finally get to the end after 20 mins and then been cut off.  Had horrible customer services telephone conversation which took 15 mins and a lot of navigating to just get to speak to someone and then i get a rude non listening person.  


What is going on with this awful dire service.  I just wanted to contact my local delivery collections depot which is even listed on an official address.  No direct numbers, no human to speak to and lots of pain and aggrevation.  No wonder this country has gone to the dogs our once beloved royal mail is more like royal rubbish.  

Do not get me started on some of the postmen/women we are recently having....better stop my rant here! 


I am a very capable tech savvy and business minded individual and I struggled with this tosh of a contact system, my mother has no chance and I dare say most elderly people would have major issues if not impossible for them to get through to anyone or understand this garbage.