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Security system 26th December 2020 5:05 PM

Good afternoon, sir! I would like to ask you for a piece of advice. I am going to install a fully-equipped security system in my house. I do not like DIY variants because for me this sphere is too important to do by myself. So, I will cooperate with the Ajax company. They produce a lot of different products for such a system. I have chosen fire and flood detectors, sirens, and a motion sensor. Unfortunately, they don't suggest cameras. So, they told me they will be able to connect any cameras of another brand to the system. Do you think your cameras can suit?

Oh, I think that I can't answer these questions now. I'm just beginning my business. I need to think

Time for a Christmas break? 15th December 2020 1:00 PM

Oh god, I'm so tired. I definitely need a Christmas break