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Hello, thought I would introduce myself to the local community of businesses, I'm Miss Money Penny Virtual Assistant, I have worked as an EA/ PA for more than 20 years for big organisations to smaller family run businesses. I offer businesses my support, from helping you with your start up and also existing businesses, from website design, social media, inbox & diary management, invoicing, expense tracking and PowerPoint presentations and lots more such as file management, using Drop Box etc., I can help with advertising and marketing all the things that take alot of time, I do this from my home office. Please get in touch if you would like to know more, I can talk anytime and I can find out what you need and what will make your business run better or more efficiently.

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Starting a New Business 8th September 2020 11:52 AM

Hello All, new to this site and I have a new business that I have started during lockdown, I've spent a considerble amount of time getting the business up and running but I cnanot get customers through the door, can anyone help with suggestions on this, I have advertised on all or most free sites and ran a few facebook ads, I have all my social media in place also. Any help would be really great. My business is a support function, which is essentially a virtual assistant service.