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Accredited, Highly Vetted and Affiliated Examiners coupled with a Client Focused Support Team
We are the Industry’s leading, professional polygraph (lie detector) service provider. The very essence of a lie forms part of the daily fabric of our society from fake news to wider deception. Many lies have a severe effect on our private lives through infidelity, false allegations and family disputes. You can be certain that we will endeavour to provide the best support we can in pursuit of the truth.

Client emotional well-being is central to our approach. We listen carefully and respectfully to all matters which are brought to our attention. We form each client relationship on individual needs and work to understand all perspectives before proposing the most viable solution. Analysing each individual case, we provide an elevated level of discretion where matters need to be kept private, whether amongst relatives, employees or within our clients’ social groups.

We use the best and modern polygraph equipment available and upgrade our devices regularly, to ensure that we deliver the most accurate results. We bring together combined over 40 years of experience in the Polygraph Industry. All our examiners are vetted, highly trained and accredited by the BPS (British Polygraph Society) and the APA (American Polygraph Association). The APA is the leading international organisation in lie detector testing. The class of APA membership related to each of our polygraph examiners is available upon request.

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Thanks for the advice Steve, much appreciated

Thanks Rebecca

The legal advice is that we have to prove we have suffered loss and given the lockdown that would be almost impossible to to do.

We are awaiting the outcome of an investigation by the American Polygraph Association to which we both belong.  

Our main concern is that the names of our companies are very alike and we would hate to be associated with this content. Not to mention the calls we have had from two clients asking us if we have shared their cases with anyone else, which we haven't.  

We'll get over it I'm sure but it is infuriating.

How Can Double the Website Traffic? 11th July 2020 10:42 AM
Since I have added some content on my website , I have been getting more and more visits to my website which in turn brings more sales + I am not using google ads any more so it looks like it does work”

That's good news Andy.  Well done.

Has anyone had their content stolen? 11th July 2020 10:38 AM

Considering we are bound by a strict code of ethics, we find it astonishing too.  Reading the way our content has been rewritten, as a potential client, we too would wonder what else they were not good at.  

"Sorry to hear this is happening to you.. Can you not report them somewhere or threaten to take them to court"

Hi Andy

Unfortunately it would probably cost us more than we lose through it. We would have to prove that we had lost business through it, which given the lockdown would be hard to evaluate.

We have officially complained to the Association that we both belong to so await their response. It really is infuriating.




We have a competitor who is rewriting the content from our blog.  It has caused us a couple of problems with clients phoning us and asking if we have shared their cases study information with this company. We have their agreement to publish case studies on our own blog providing we change their names and locations.

The competitors company name is similar to our own.  He is either spinning the content using software or using someone whose first language is not English.  The content on his blog is gobbledegook but the case studies are clearly ours.  It's not inconceivable that he has similar clients to ours but there is so much detail in his blogs that it's clear he is rewriting our content.

One of our clients called the competitor and asked how their cases study was on his blog.  He told them that we had an excellent content writer and that he was just rewriting our stuff.  He made a point of saying that it was perfectly legal for him to do this.

Running his stuff through Copyscape some come up as over 70% plagiarised and some 0% but in every detail each case study is the same as ours.

We have asked him to stop doing this and his response was to rewrite more of our stuff.

Anyone else had this problem or have any ideas what we can do about it?

My Website 23rd May 2020 1:57 PM
Well don't feel awkward, I'm not short of clients for a start. I would suggest you need blogs that answer questions your target market might ask rather than blurb about each product.... As then people Google the question and your blog comes up and they're clicking through to your website. 

Hi Rebecca

I'd tend to disagree on the products, blogs are great and that is the main form of content marketing we use but any SEO specialist will tell you that the website has to be right too.

As you probably know Google looks at web pages as individual websites.  So the content on every page of the website has to be right, including the blogs.

My Website 20th May 2020 2:51 PM
I've tried to avoid doing this as I don't like to but over the past year and a half, my website has been dying a slow death and it's visible on my analytics graph. My last order was early February. I don't want to chuck it all it as I have spent too many years with it........ ”

Hi Andy

We dropped our Google and Facebook advertising over the period we were unable to work.  We sell a service rather than a product so it made no sense to continue when we couldn't visit people and they couldn't visit us. 

However, we have always kept up our organic search ranks by writing blog posts about our case studies, experiences, legal issues related to what we do and general news about our industry. We kept that up during the lockdown and have retained our ranks for our chosen keywords.  I suggest you add a blog to your site.  

As someone else pointed out you don't have a lot of content on your website.  You should add some.  We have an in house copywriter who can probably help you with a few names of writers if you aren't creative in that way.  We find it works for us and note that if we stop adding content (e.g. writing blog posts or adding pages) our rank drops,  Generally it is cheaper than advertising too.

Hope that helps.

Christine | Lie Detector Test UK