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Good afternoon all! We are Concept Vehicle Leasing and we specialize in, yes you guessed it, vehicle leasing. This is both Contract Hire and Personal Leasing. 

Contact us for all your needs including short term rentals and long term hire. 


Bank Holiday season again... 19th May 2014 1:12 PM

For us a few days off can have the impact of a week off. However the benefit that it is to all staff is a great. Time off to refresh and get re-focused and energized really helps ion the long run. Our customers are more likely than not off from work so too so it works out OK in the end. 

There have been some interesting points raised. Our company (Concept Vehicle Leasing) has been finalists for Best Customer Service in the London area for a few years running now. We are still awaiting a win in this category (fingers crossed for this Junes Award ceremony with Prospects Business award - The London Business Awards 2014). This shows that there are still companies out there giving it their all, which feels me with some comfort that there are actually some business still working to an extremely high standard in the Customer Service Department. I know our team work very hard and always give 100%. I would like to think the vast majority of business do the same, however I know that there are times when I personally have experienced poor customer service (and the same goes for extremely great customer service).