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Thank you very much. We are not doing too bad. happy new year.

Hi Simon,

Special thank you for looking into this and providing a super analysis. I have put this forward to our web developer about the issues you pointed out. He has now rectified this issues as I am lead to believe. I must say, I am interested to discuss with you further on a SEO service. We have not really done one before and we would like to know what to budget should we decide to take this route.


Jerry Uche

A couple of things I've spotted, in no particular order, some SEO some design;

1) On the home page, at the bottom, the content is being cut off by the footer - see image

2) Remove the "Admin" login from the footer - you're just asking for a hacker to have a pop at your site.

3) SEO - Your page titles (hover mouse on browser tab to see cation popup) are not very well optimised. They currently say "Commercial & Industrial cleaning | Clean360 Ltd | Clean 360" as you can see the buisness name is duplicated! I would personally recommend a geographical location is added i.e. Derby even if you are nationwide this is good "local pack" practice to follow for Google.

4) Your Home page meta description is terrible! It says;

"Clean360 is a commercial and industrial cleaning company with a " right="" first="" time"="" approach.="" our="" team="" of="" specialist="" technicians operating="" nationwide="" is="" always="" available="" 24="" 7="" to="" take="" your="" call. 01332989273"="

Which is just a mess!

5) The URL's are messy in places - Look at the "Services" page, the URL is - it should be "cleaner" than that describing/matching the page title "/Services"

6) Phone numbers should have "click to call" functionality. Helps a user.

7) Get some content on the "Our Work" page quick! It's too thin and could be costing you rankings.

8) Performance - As mention, run the site through some testing tools, here's one - and find out how fast it is and what needs to be done to make it as quick as possible. Your currently loading at 15secs! Industry targets are under 5secs, and Google ranks fast sites as a priority now! So get this fixed asap!

Plenty to work on there is you ask me! If you would like a full SEO audit then I would only be too happy to help -




We are one of them. Falling victim to not only one but two times. I suppose I have had to learn a hard lesson. It is very interesting to read all your comment. I can rest assured I am heading in the right direction. Thank you all.

Thanks guys for taking your time to reply to our post. The website was made live around May this year. We are slowly getting both enquiries and phone calls. But I think there is room for improvement. I'm quite new to all this so it will be a slow process for me to gradually understand how to make use of the GA you mmentioned about and also the other bits which I have no idea about but will do some research. We currently use google adword at the moment. Not sure if this is where the enquries are coming from or the organic ones. Whatever this is lol.

I have been ripped off by 2 company promising to take care of our online advertising so I am now trying to do all this myself.

Must appreciation for your valued comment. 

J Uche


We are a commercial cleaning company called Clean360. We provide commercial and industrial cleaning service. Some of our services are Builders Cleaning, Construction site cleaning, Kitchen extractor cleaning, Ventilation duct cleaning, school cleaning etc. We cover the whole of the UK.  Our web address is

Thank you for reading this post.


J Uche

Hi, I'm a a novice when it come to technology. I had a new website built by a developer. He said it was as good as gold, good on mobile, desktop and tablet but I do not really know how to find out if this is true. This is our website. I would appreciate any honest feedback.