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Debt advice please regarding repayments?

Published 8th November 2010 | Read latest comment - 12th November 2010
Hi to all,
Need advice on debt management and debt repayment.. Please help me out
You have given yourself a user name of "debtmaster" but you need debt advice?

Hmmmm, fishy..... Can you elaborate?
Hi my name is forum moderator - can any advise me on forum moderation please

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Can anyone join in?

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10th November 2010 6:58 AM
Making repayments is often very easy if you follow a strict budget. By doing this you can cut down on unwanted expenses and save money, while also making regular monthly payments to your lender. But if you are not able to plan this on your own, you can also take the advice of a debt counselor. There are many reputed debt management companies like debtBurst dot com, beatmydebt dot com, MoneyManagement dot com, which can suggest a good plan for you to overcome debts.
oh here we go, you just new that post was coming next didn't ya!!
could always ask a debt master

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