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24 Hr Petrol Stations

The main advantage of 24-hour petrol stations is their opening hours, which are unsurprisingly 24-hours. Many contain small shops that you can purchase from at any hour of the day or night but be warned, you may have to ask the assistant to select your shopping for you if you visit in the small hours wanting a snack, as they usually only have a small window open for security reasons and so they can operate on a skeleton staff.

As our society becomes and increasingly 24-hour world, people need and expect to be able to buy petrol or diesel at any time and this can be especially important for delivery and transport companies who have to travel at night. However, these days the average person also likes to be able to pop out and buy a pint of milk at 3am or a loaf of bread on the way home from their nightshift.

Most main supermarket chains run 24-hour petrol stations alongside their large stores, branded in their colours and logo. Some also operate a number of registered and own branded stand-alone petrol stations, but they are harder to come by outside major towns and cities. Service stations on motorways and main roads are primarily open 24-hours a day to provide a much needed service to those travelling at unsociable hours.

The pricing structure for these locations is usually at a somewhat premium rate, compared to the supermarket-based ones, because you have little choice about where to stop when travelling on motorways so there is a captive market. But although the responsibility is yours to ensure your vehicle is adequately fuelled, if the subject of fuel prices is a concern, and if available, then ustilise the information on your vehicle satellite navigation system to search for available garages away from the motorway.