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The Palace of Westminster at night

Image: The Palace of Westminster at night taken by David Iliff


London is officially two counties; Greater London and the City of London. The total estimated population as of mid-2014, according to the Office of National Statistics, is 8.5 million. The City of London is governed by the City of London Corporation which includes the Lord Mayor of London. Greater London is broken down into 22 local borough councils that range in size. The Mayor of London oversees the governing of the whole of Greater London alongside the London Assembly and is separate from the Lord Mayor of London, a ceremonial role.

London is the UK’s and European Union’s largest city and England’s capital. London wasn’t always the capital of England, it was formerly Colchester during Roman times. Colchester was demolished by Boadicea in AD 61 so London was then used as the capital.

The famous London Underground is the oldest underground rapid transport system in the world and serves 270 stations on 11 lines. The lines are coded by colour and the stations are renowned for the tannoyed warnings to ‘mind the gap’ when boarding and alighting the trains. Baker Street is on the Bakerloo Line and decorated with Sherlock Holmes images to celebrate the fact the fictional character lived at 221B Baker Street in the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle books.

A favourite landmark in London is Big Ben, the clock tower, which is part of the Houses of Parliament. Big Ben is actually the name of the bell inside, the minute hand is 12 feet long and the bell weighs approximately the same as an adult elephant.

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