Multi-Location Listing Uploads

We are happy to offer a bulk upload service for multi location businesses if you can meet the following criteria.

  • Have a minimum of ten locations (no maximum)
  • Each location is a genuine business address
  • Each location includes the actual business name in the title
  • You can provide us with a quality logo for the business
  • You can provide us with at least one relevant business category
  • You are happy to occasionally update us with new or amended information
All data will be analysed and moderated before being published. We have no problems uploading submissions from SEO agencies and partners, but please NO SEO gaming or spammy requests.

Good examples of business titles

  • ABC Builders LTD
  • ABC Builders - York
  • ABC Builders - Leeds

Bad examples of business titles that won't be uploaded

  • Builders - Leeds
  • Leeds | Builders | Free Call Out
  • Best Builders in Leeds
Below is an example of how the data will be presented and show up in our search results. Example of bulk listing presentation

How to upload your data

If you can meet our requirements and would like us to bulk upload your data, then please download and populate this Bulk Upload CSV File.

Once this has been filled in, please email it to with a subject line of Bulk Upload and include a good quality logo.

This is a free service so any uploads will be done on a best efforts basis. We aim to turn around any requests within five working days.

Reasons for data not being uploaded

  • Required CSV fields are not filled in
  • Location information fails moderation, e.g. is a fake address
  • Keyword spam in the business titles
  • Adult themed businesses, this is a family friendly site

Confused or stuck?

This is offered as a free service and we will make best efforts to help and assist, but we also reserve the right to refuse to upload or remove any data.

If you have any concerns, questions, issues or would like to discuss anything else, then please contact us.