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Published 12th July 2020 |
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Unfortunately the current situation hasn't been great for many and lots of people are facing redundancy.

I am running a FREE networking event next week with some help from some great experts.

It is being hosted for us on Remo (which is a fab platform ideal for presentations and networking).

I will be giving away some free CV advice. A LinkedIn expert called Charlotte Carter will be there with LinkedIn help and an awesome coach Rory Berry will be using his coaching skills to provide some interview tips.

It is on Weds 15th July at 12pm and is 90 minutes designed to arm you with the skills to find your next role.

Please do share this link with anyone you know who is out of work at the moment. After the event all attendees will be sent a pdf with the tips in writing.



How did it go?

Steve Richardson
Gaffer of My Local Services
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Really well thanks. About 60 turned up from the 100+ registered, which isn't bad for a free event that I organised in about a week. Haha. 

Have been invited on two podcasts and asked to do another event so we'll see I guess! I also got some paid work from it so that was a bonus. 

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