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Published 6th January 2020 |
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Hello everyone. My name is Simonne Tate, I run Jigsaw Hypnotherapy. I have been trading for around a year now whilst working towards my Clinical status. The therapy I provide is called Rapid transformational therapy (RTT) my specialist areas are autoimmune conditions and inflammation, this includes depression anxiety and anything linked with those areas. Every thought we have has an effect on ourselves, it is the subconscious negative thought patterns that I help to uproot, transform them and replant suggestions that come directly from the client themselves. Unlike traditional talking therapies that can be a long drawn out process RTT is effective in as little as 21 days. 

I joined this group so I can network with others running their own businesses and be able to share and support one another. 

Thank you for reading, I look forward to chatting with you. 




Welcome to the MLF community!!! Do you have a website?

Steve Good,
GWC India Pvt Ltd

Hi Steve yes it’s 


I also have a direct contact link should anyone want it 


Thank you for asking.

i look forward to chatting with you all 


Welcome to the forum. That's an interesting type of therapy. I hope business is going well. 

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