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Published 7th October 2019 |
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Hi everybody, I  am an employee of Egham Locksmiths - local locksmith services provider in Egham and surroundings for 12 years and would like to give some useful pieces of advice how to become a professional locksmith indeed. 

1. Be well-trained. Improve your professional kills from day today.

2. Be aware of your location. Local locksmiths are more trusted than nationwide, so you should be aware of some peculiarities of your locality - criminal situation, type of doors/locks/keys, etc.

4. be reasonable in price. The highest quality doesn`t mean the highest price.

5. Be well-equipped. Bad equipment is one of the main features characterizing unprofessional locksmith.

When you have something useful in terms of useful tips, lock and keys issues solutions, etc.-you are welcome!

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Hi Barry, welcome to the forum. I didn't know that locksmiths did professional kills? 

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