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Published 1st August 2019 |
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Hello everyone just introducing myself! 

Im a local Avon representative for the Keynsham and Surrounding areas. Find me on Facebook Avon with Sarah UK Rep

Shop online for home delivery ANYWHERE in the UK!

Sarah x

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Hi Sarah, welcome to the forum. It always amazes me how long Avon have been around! Is it still popular? 

Thanks, Rebecca, Proofreader and Copywriter
The master of web copy.
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Hi Rebcecca, thank you!  

It sounds like you may not have had a brochure for a long while (or never at all?!) We just celebrated Avon being 60 years in the UK!! Avon have totally changed over the years! Really got with the times, aiming at a younger generation market too so its a real spread of everyone that can shop Avon!-

You dont even have to wait for a Brochure to drop through you door- you can order online for home delivery PLUS have an instant brochure sent you through whats app/social media (which is the real power force for my business!) !! So easy! 1000's of Reps make part/full time earnings !! 

View it here!! Let me know what you think!


Sarah - Independent Avon Representative 


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