Hello to all Forum members with Back Pain !

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Published 29th July 2019 |
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The London Spine Unit is located on the prestigious Harley Street, London, UK. We are leaders in Regeneretive Health and Spinal Day Surgery. The clinic offers all the latest treatments for Back pain and Neck Pain. All spinal disorders including disc degeneration, Spinal stenosis, spinal fractures,Spinal infection, Spinal Tumours, Scoliosis, Disc Prolapse, Sciatica and Lumbago are treated. We offer the most advanced treatments that are rarely found elsewhere. We specialise in Laser spine and disc surgery, Stem cell treatments for regeneration, Spinal Ozone Therapy, Disc Replacement surgery, Keyhole spine surgery, Endoscopic and epiduroscopic camera assisted surgery, Lumbar Fusion, Balloon Kyphoplasty, Vertberoplasty, Lumbar and Cervical Fusion, Scoliosis treatment, physiotherapy, osteopathy and also advanced pain management treatments such as nerve root spinal injections, facet joint blocks, radiofrequency denervation procedures, caudal epidural and pain blocks. Our lead spine surgeon is the eminent Mr Mo Akmal, he is one of London's leading spine specialists with top ratings. Our clinic has 2 state of the art operating theatres, advance imaging including CT scanning, Advanced upright 3D Xray using the EOS, Ultrasound and MRI scan. The facility is custom built to manage all spinal conditions. All our treatments are usually performed as day surgery procedures.



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Hello and welcome to the forum. That was a long paragraph but thanks for the intro! 

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Hi There

The age old back pain ..Suffer with it on and off ever since my Air Force training back in 1984 when I carried a bloke 3 times my size for 5 km's.. I just live with it now ever ever I tweak my back lol

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