Warm hello from our North Wales Web Design & SEO Team!

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Published 22nd July 2019 |
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Hi everyone,

Lisa here, I am part of the SEO and digital marketing team at North Wales Web Design company DesignWeb.

We're a pretty friendly bunch, happy to answer any questions you may have about web design or digital marketing, each of us has more than 20 years experience in our field, so hopefully you'll find our answers helpful.  We're on here to network, and champion and promote Welsh business, we are not here to sell so we're happy to chat about anything!

I am also the Editor for North Wales Business news, so if your business is doing something amazing in the North Wales area, let me know so I can help you get the word out there.

Come and say hello, don't be shy!

Design Web
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Hello Lisa and welcome to the forum! I'm currently in Wales on holiday, but South Wales. 

I look forward to your contributions on here. Is the North Wales Business news a website or printed publication, just in interest? 

Thanks, Rebecca, Proofreader and Copywriter
The master of web copy.
Pay for Precision | Proofreading, copy-editing & copywriting.

Hi there ..Welcome to the forum .Sadly nowhere near Wales,unless you call the frequent visits I do there being part of Wales.

Was in Chepstow the other week.Had a really long look at your Severn Bridge for over 2 hours sitting in a car going nowhere

Pewter World

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