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Published 9th April 2019 |
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Hello everyone,

I am thinking of starting up a business but I’m unsure about the name so if you heard of a company called “Guardians of the Fur”. What does it make you think of? 

Thank you. 

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It is very Game of could bring up connotations of some kind of anti-fur campaign but I am guessing it is pet sitting or something? It could give you some cool marketing concepts and ideas but you would have to be clear about what it is you do. 

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Really depends on what you are doing , is it a a game, kennels or dog walking service

Pewter World

Have  never seen Game of Thrones (yep there is someone out there)

But maybe it's because I'm under the weather or my minds in the wrong place, but it sounds a bit seedy or sinister?

 from me I'm afraid.

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