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Published 4th April 2019 |
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Firstly, thank you to the My Local Services for providing this site and forum.

Some years ago I was employed as a business advisor and could see a wide variety of clients from hairdressers - tradespeople, accountants even architects.  Everyone I met was dedicated and committed to their business and determined to make it successful.  The one overriding problem that they all encountered was the time pressures to do their own admin, following up quotes sent, (quotes followed up by a friendly call can turn into a customer and then, into a raving fan - every business needs raving fans) doing their expenses, sourcing better quotes for services they require, keeping the diary organised and many many more business essential admin tasks.  In addition, this 'lack of time' interfered with their personal life and sometimes meant burnout or angry words with the family.

When I was made redundant, I decided that I would really like to be in a position to offer a service at a highly competitive rate to take the pressure of business admin away and be a supportive and reliable addition to a business who wanted to save time, achieve more and do what they do best.  

I have extensive experience in business admin including interfacing with customers and telephone liaison.  Don't laugh but I enjoy admin, seeing things organised and talking with potential or actual customers to get work or new work.  

Thanks for reading - Cheers Barbs

Barbs 22
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Hi Barbs and welcome to the forum! I love VAs, I come across quite a few in my line of work as they sometimes outsource copywriting or proofreading to me. It is such a growing business and so needed now there are an increasing number of self employed people.

I hope business is going well for you.


Thanks, Rebecca, Proofreader and Copywriter
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