Would you like your car to look better than the day it was made?

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Published 4th April 2019 |
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My name is Richard Donlevy and I am the owner of Black Country Detailing located in Tipton, West Mids.

Black Country Detailing specialise in car paintwork and restoring/enhancing it to the best possible condition it could be. Does your car paintwork have swirl marks, cobwebbing, scratches or blemishes on it? Or does it just look tired and dull?

If so, I have the cure and can restore the paintwork back to near perfect condition. The process is known as car detailing and involves using machine polishers and a variety of compounds along with an abundance of experience and skill. It’s a process that takes days not hours but the results will simply blow your mind.

I work to the very highest standards in car detailing and last year I prepared a winning car at The “Concourse D’elegance“ held at Hampton Court. This is one of the most prestigious events in Europe and only the vey best detailers in the world prepare the cars that win it. 

I myself set my standards high.....very high and you can rest assured that should you choose Black Country Detailing to Detail your car the results will be unrivalled by anyone.

Detailing services available include:

1. New Car Protection - Tailored for people who have just purchased a new car and want it looking it’s very best. Your car will be machine polished leaving the paintwork perfect and then protected with a state of the art 10H Ceramic Coating which will protect the paintwork for a good few years to come. The interior of your new vehicle (seats/upholstery/carpets) will also be protected.

2. Paint Enhancement Detail - Designed to rejuvenate the paintwork of cars that are looking dull and have lost their gloss levels. This detail involves two stages of machine polishing. The first will remove minor defects such as light swirl marks, fading and cobwebbing. The second stage will impart a high gloss finish into the paintwork. It will then be protected with a state of the art 10H ceramic coating to protect the paintwork. The interior will also receive a full detail and the seats, upholstery and carpets will also be protected.

3. Paint Correction Detail - Thisnis my most popular service and the one that provides the best results, leaving your car usually in better than new condition and looking as good as it ever could. Scratches, major swirl marks and other major defects are removed permanently. These results are obtained by giving your car paintwork multiple stages of machine polishing until each panel is perfect. Totally restoring your cars paintwork and leaving a natural defect free high gloss finish. This finish is then intensified to an even greater gloss with more stages of final machine polishing and once completed, the finish is protected with a state of the art 10H ceramic coating. This will protect the incredible finish your car will now have for a good few years to come by sealing it underneath the ceramic coating. The interior will match the exterior finish and also be fully protected. The results of a paint correction detail will leave you speechless and the envy of every car fanatic who sees your vehicle.

My new studio has just opened and is located inside Black Country 4x4 Ltd, Dudley Port, Tipton, West Mids Offering fully insured services for people who like their cars to look in first class condition all the time.

If you are interested in having your car detailed or have any questions you may wish to ask please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a friendly chat with myself.

Rich - 07947 616164

You can also visit my Facebook page @BlackCountryDetailing

or visit my website by clicking below:

Black Country Detailing


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Hi Welcome to the forum

Fancy a trip to Eastbourne .. It' something I would love to get done to my car as the wife has put loads of scratches on the driver door with the key in the dark


Thanks for the detailed intro Rich and welcome to the forum. My car is past repair and I wouldn't spend money on it but it looks like a great quality service. Have you been in business long? 

Thanks, Rebecca, Proofreader and Copywriter
The master of web copy.
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Hi Andy,

Would love a trip to Eastbourne and I’m fully insured to work mobile as well as at the studio. Scratches around the car door handles are quite common but can be removed so long as the scratches haven’t removed the paint completely.

You would ideally need the entire cars paint corrected otherwise you would end up with highly glossed car doors that don’t match the rest of the car.

we could arrange something if you’re interested and I have family in eastbourne too. 

Regards Rich

Ive been in the business about 10 years working and learning my trade from one of the best in the business. However this year I have now opened my own studio and gone it alone and things are going really well due to the extremely high quality of the finish I put onto car paintwork.

thanks for asking and it’s a pleasure to be here.


Thanks for the detailed intro Rich and welcome to the forum. My car is past repair and I wouldn't spend money on it but it looks like a great quality service. Have you been in business long? ”


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