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Published 12th March 2019 |
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I'm looking for a website redesign with on site seo and on going seo or social media help and advice. I'm bewildered with all the companies that do it and really don't know who will be best to go with - any advice? thanks

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Have you thought about going it alone building your own website etc , there are a lot of good free or nearly free options out there these days. One of the down sides is once they finished you have no idea of how to run it without their help .

What sort of website are you after

You could try us     

Yarmouth Designs

I would advise asking people you know and trust to recommend people. Perhaps ask on your Facebook page (if you have one) or networking group (if you're in one). Read reviews and don't be afraid to ask if you can speak to previous clients for their thoughts.  I would definitely advise caution if anyone promises you the moon on a stick as SEO is a slow and steady process in many respects and about having good content using keywords (following some robust keyword research) and of course including those in your  page taglines/descriptions on the website etc. I would have a read of the info on SEO on this forum as well, as even if you pay someone else to do it, you want to know and understand what they are doing for yourself, that way you can't get hoodwinked.  Good luck with it all. If you need any help with content when you get to that stage give me a shout. 


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Hey, you could try Spotlight Digital Agency. 


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