Hi all! My first venture into e-commerce!

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Published 5th February 2019 |
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Hi! I’ve just launch my new website somethingspecialhome.co.uk As the name suggests, it’s for anything to do with the home. It’s a marketplace for small businesses, single shop owners and one person bands (trying to keep it pc!) maybe selling from home or through craft fairs. Couple of real benefits to sellers is that unlike Ebay/Etsy there are no advertising fees, sign up fees and no time limits for advertising, as long as the item is in stock it can stay on for as long as they like. The only time a fee is paid is when an item sells so there’s no financial risk to advertising at all. Even with this it’s been hard to get anyone to advertise so instead of trying to get people to advertise before making the site live, I decided to make the site visible in google and shared on Facebook so it’s out there moving up the rankings! So if there’s anyone here that’s interested in selling on my site please get in touch! The other thing I feel I may need some help with is SEO, after 1 day my site is on page 4 of google so not bad considering there is only my own products on there but page 1 is the aim just like everyone else! I want it to be organic though, I know I could pay but not the route I want to take just now anyway! 

Really looking forward to the challenge and hopefully get some tips here on the way! 

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Welcome aboard 

You will have  a challenge ahead of you as you are using a Wix website builder, so SEO won't be easy as you won't have that much control, meta data, structured data etc.

A better option would be go down the wordpress WooCommerce  route, which would give you more customisation. But good luck with it, have fun and the best way to learn SEO is from the ground up. 

I first wrote this post 10 years ago and updated it in 2015, but it's still current and good starting place if you are new to the world of SEO:

SEO 101 for laymen and newbies

If you get stuck on anything, just fire away.

Steve Richardson
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Hi Steve!

Thanks for the link I’ll definitely have a read! Wix does have some limitations but I read a really good article from the guys that started Airbnb which is sort of why I chose wix. Basically they said to get your product out there, make it look good obviously but don’t blow your budget and fail/run out of money before you’ve even launched. I was going to build on Wordpress but chose Wix as it  fit the bill price wise. Unfortunately being a complete newbie had no idea about how limited SEO was on wix until the site was built so will definitely change to Wordpress at some point. 

Thanks again Steve! 


Welcome to the forum and good luck with your website. I got told on here about Wix being limited, which is why I still don't have a website.  Luckily in my line of work I can live without one.

Thanks, Rebecca, Proofreader and Copywriter
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Hi welcome to the forum. Counts me out adding products as i don't make them myself lol

Thanks Rebecca,

Wix isn’t too bad as far as being able to build a good looking website and they’re always adding more functionality, there’s far more you can do now compared to when I started to build my site that I was adding and amending things all the time.


Hi welcome to the forum. Counts me out adding products as i don't make them myself lol”

Hi Andy, you don’t have to make the products yourself to sell them on my site. It’s for anyone that sells anything for the home, whether they make it themselves or not. I’ve had a look at your website and would love you to advertise with me. 


Please contact me to discuss further. 


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