New Quality Bath Enamelling Service for South-West area, Eager Beaver saying HI!

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Published 17th October 2018 |
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Hello and thanks for reading! I'm Tomasz and wanted to greet my local services users, and also get some real feedback 

I started my own business a little ago and wondered what is your real experience and demand for such a service called bathtub enamelling,  re-enamelling or resurfacing?

I provide my services for south-west (cornwall, Cardiff, Newport, Bristol, Bath etc.) and very often I'm being suprised that customers doesn't even realise that things like that are possible. Not all the chipped sanitary ware have to be wasted and most classic baths can be restored to it's former glory! ;)

So let's start a chat!


Eager Beaver
Eager Beaver
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Welcome to the forum Tomasz and congrats on the business.

It's a great idea, especially in this age of recycling and guilt about throwing things away. No doubt you are on to a growth business!

Steve Richardson
Gaffer of My Local Services
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Hi Tomasz, I agree with Steve that it's very apt in this day and age as people are more and more conscious about waste. Focus on educating people about what is possible, as I certainly didn't know. 

Thanks, Rebecca, Proofreader and Copywriter
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Thank you for answering to my post, Rebeca and Steve. I'm glad you have a different opinion than most as we live in 'use and throw away once broken culture'. I'm very proud when I can surprise my customers that even very badly damaged bath or cracked sink can be fixed in a matter of hours. I'm going to add more case studies to the website and created a blog recently, so please feel invited to: 

You do a great job on my local services, and it's nice to see that admins are active here. Cheers!

Eager Beaver
Eager Beaver

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