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Published 21st September 2018 |
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Hi Everyone , Clint here the owner at the Bloominh Bears Florist on the Bath Road in Cheltenham, you can find us at the corner of the Playhouse Theatre.

We specialise in wedding, funeral, and event floristry work ,creating amazing fresh designs. We have now been established for nearly 2 years and we have the best reviews for a florist in the whole of Gloucestershire.

We also do flowers for birthdays, get well, anniversaries etc , every occasion,.

If you want a florist you can trust look no further call us on 01242 321522 or visit our website

or come in and see Tony or Clint



Funeral Flowers In Cheltenham
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Welcome to the forum Tony and Clint. What led you to get into floristry? 

Thanks, Rebecca, Proofreader and Copywriter
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Hi Rebecca, 

Clint here, I started floristry approx 12 years ago I was managing travel shops and had been in that industry for 20 years and was looking for something else to do in my life, a florist in my home town of Carlisle was advertising for a manager.

I d always been artistic and had a strong business head, so I thought lets go for it .

After turning the business around , I found that I had fallen in love with flowers and I began to experiment with the art of floristry, the more I practised the more my passion grew.

I bought the florist in Carlisle and created a coffee shop too. I had 6 great years until the recession and was forced to close.

Somebody on Facebook had done an article on me and posted it, that lead to someone in Cheltenham approaching me to move down here to manage their business which I did very successfully, after 5 years their I decided to open my own again, hence the opening of The Blooming Bears. 

Tony my partner was working in Pharmacy in Cheltenham ,he would help me out in the shop I managed at peak times like Valentines and Mothers day , I noticed he was showing encouraging signs of becoming a possible florist, so I began to teach him and over the last 3 years of 1 on 1 training he is flourishing in his own right .

We have a fantastic reputation and have achieved amazing online reviews in the 19 months of being open as The Blooming Bears.We have been very fortunate to do flowers for The Queen, Princess Anne, Sophie Wessex, Lionel Ritchie , Lily Allen and Mary Berry just to name a few famous people.

We are so proud of our business.


Kind Regards Clint 

Funeral Flowers In Cheltenham

Wow that's a really great story, I love hearing about how people start out. It sounds like you're doing fantastically, but quality will always shine through. Congratulations on a great business and creating a protégé out of Tony. 

Thanks, Rebecca, Proofreader and Copywriter
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Great intro and lovely story. Welcome to the forum and hope we hear more from you 

Steve Richardson
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Great name, great business, great story! So glad to hear business is booming - well done you for bringing a little bit of colour into people's lives.

Many thanks,
Natalie - Your Local Girl Friday
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