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Published 19th September 2018 |
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Outsourcing your marketing to APS Marketing Consulting is a very cost-effective way of getting marketing services your business needs for far less cost than employing a marketing person or using a full-service marketing agency. Plus, we have the time you don’t and we’re experts in our field, as you are in yours. 

You work hand-in-hand with a knowledgeable marketing expert with 25+ years industry experience, who can help guide your business to increased enquiries and footfall for you to convert into quality, profitable customers … so you can be safe in the knowledge that all your marketing is being taken care of while you do what you are good at … running your business. 

We aim to make our relationship with you so seamless, it feels like we are an integral part of your business. You simply have us ‘on the shelf’ until needed. Choose how you pay for projects - by the hour or day OR for regular work, maybe a negotiated monthly fee would suit? In any case, we’re transparent with our costs, estimating any work up front. 

We’re confident you’ll like the way we work – honest, straightforward and no jargon – that we’ll give you your first marketing consultation (up to 60 minutes) FREE of charge. 

Take a look at our website ... link above in business name. Or if you're interested, give us a call.


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Hi Andy,

Great pitch, although I notice you just lifted it from your website. I hope business is going well? You definitely offer a lot of services. I hope you enjoy the forum and join in with some threads we always like new insight into marketing as we all need it .



Thanks, Rebecca, Proofreader and Copywriter
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Thanks Rebecca.

Yes, lifted on my website for quickness ... but says what I want it to as a first post introduction.

Welcome aboard Andy 

Steve Richardson
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Welcome to the forum Andy. As a Marketeer myself, I know our value .

I hope business is booming!

Many thanks,
Natalie - Your Local Girl Friday
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