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Published 30th June 2018 |
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We are a 24 hour Internet Radio Station Broadcasting nearly 5 years covering UK Local, National & International. We Broadcast locally, throughout the UK & Internationally to many listeners per week on www.chatandspinradio.com.

We have a Special Offer for Forum members to Advertise your Business on our Radio Station.

The Offer is 2 MONTHS FREE & then £10 for 5 MONTHS.

Please comment below if you would like to Advertise with us.

chat and spin
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Hello and welcome to the forum. What sort of music do you 'spin' ?

Thanks, Rebecca, Proofreader and Copywriter
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Hi there ..Welcome to the forum

Does sound interesting to me , what sort of advertising is it ,like normal radio , or just mentions

Wouldn't mind giving this a go


Hey Steve, you were looking for a new radio station to listen to.....

Many thanks,
Natalie - Your Local Girl Friday
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