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Published 24th May 2018 |
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Hi everyone, a quick introduction to my business. We import and distribute Battery operated 2 wheel road legal scooters (MOPED’s), they are called Lifan Eco Bikes LF1200. They are powered by a Lithium-ion 60v battery coupled with a Bosch 1200w brushless motor giving a range of 30 fun filled no hassle city commuting miles per charge, have a top speed of 30mph and are road tax free and congestion charge free. They are completely new to the UK market and only available from us, if you would like more information please say hi.


Thanks for your time.

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Welcome to the forum, interesting little bike, does it come in blue?  I'd be scared to go on some of the roads round here on it though, people can't drive straight in Coventry!

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Hi there, you're not alone with other drivers not being able to maintain straight lines, we have the same here in Worcester, in some cases I think its drivers playing up to pass the time as we get lots of traffic in the city... Yes we do these in blue (kind of an electric blue) take a look at





Hello and welcome aboard! Let us know if you have any questions!

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Hi, are they classed as a motorised vehicle or are they classed as a motorbility type scooter? How long does it take for the battery to charge? 


Hi Barney, they are classed as Electric Motorcycle or MOPED's by DVLA, and as such a rider would need to take a CBT test to ride one or if you hold a full UK drivers licence dated pre 2001 you can ride one without a CBT test, either way you'd still need insurance to be legal, they are taxed however it is a zero fee. Battery charge time is around 6 hours, we supply them with 2 chargers so you can have one a home and one at work, office, uni ect as the battery can be removed and taken with you.

Anything else you needs to know please just ask.


eco bike.


These look great, a friend of mine has been looking for something similar so I will pass your website details on to him.

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