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Published 2nd March 2018 |
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Just wanted to say a quick hello and introduce ourselfs.

We are an architectural firm covering Leeds, York, Hull and Lincoln. We also provide an online service.

We are working on our SEO, website, marketing etc so looking for helpful hints and tints. 


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Hello and welcome to the forum. I like the website, there's a couple of tiny grammar issues but then I would notice those! Where are you marketing yourself? Social media is good for networking and interacting with potential customers. Using things like your news section as a sort of blog will make you the go-to experts for your field.  And of course listing on business directories like this one is always useful.

Thanks, Rebecca, Proofreader and Copywriter
The master of web copy.
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Hi Rebecca

Thank you, I must admit grammar is not my strong point. 

 I'm currently signing up to a lot of web directory's. We have Facebook, Instagram and Houz (although I'm not fond of Houz) So trying to be very active on these. 

I have a few page ideas for the website and I wasn't sure if I should create new pages or put them under the "News" section. 

Hi CK,

News pages or new pages will really depend on what the pages are and what you are trying to achieve with them. Give us an idea and maybe we can advise further on that one.

As for the site, my initial impressions are that is it "ok". Nothing really screams out to me wanting me to use your services, or why you are better than your competitors. Your Why Choose Us does nothing to tell me why you should have my money over your competitors.

The text on your services pages is too small. It needs to be bigger if you want people to read it. Also, there is too much text in each paragraph. Big blocks of text are not read online.

This is better shown in your "guides pages". You need to work on how to present that information that is better for the reader. As an idea, why not look into making an infographic, the data is there for it and it would be much easier for the visitor to digest (Also Google loves media on pages!)

Also, the guide pages have different font sizes, line spacing etc. And get rid of the two images at the top of the last two guides, they simply don't work with the rest of the site.

Change the word Gallery in the menu to Portfolio, and as a potential customer, I'd like to see more of a proper profile for each build. Start to finish with images and the reasons why you decided to create what you did. Show the problems you found and how you overcome them. Give me more about the processes you use and why you do things the way you do them.

As it stands, the gallery looks pretty, but really doesn't do much else and is a wasted opportunity IMHO.

Your address on your contact page has no postcode. A full address is a legal requirement for UK websites. You need to correct this in your footer too.

Your CTA (calls to action) need to be more prominent. You have them, but they are not convincing enough to draw attention to them. Having said that, this goes hand in hand with the lack of convincing to use you over a competitor (see above)

Finally, you have no testimonials at all it would seem. Social proof is massive in gaining the trust of your visitors. You need to have this on your front page, in a scrolling slider for example, or 3 or 4 of the best excerpts. You should also have testimonials from each of your gallery (soon to be named Portfolio) pages.

That's a quick first look but should give you some ideas about possible improvements.

Ask yourself what the purpose of the site is. As a visitor, do you think you have met that purpose?
What is the current conversion from the site (how many enquiries against how many visitors)? Is this what you expected? 
What do your analytics say about site visitors and usage? What are your bounce rates?
What is your percentage of enquiries through the site, Vs other methods of marketing?
How does your site work in your overall marketing plan? 
What are your competitors doing with their sites? There may be things you can get inspiration from.

You need a strong marketing plan and an idea of what you want your site to do for your business before you can really market it to the right people.


Hi Simon

Thanks for your very helpful response. I have had a quick read through it but when I have some spare time tomorrow I will go over it in detail and respond. Thanks again. 




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