Hello from Ash the Chimney sweep

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Published 14th February 2018 |
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 Hello im  Ash the owner of ASH Chimney Sweep, I sweep all types of Solid fuel appliances and flues in sunny Cornwall.

Ash the sweep
ASH Chimney Sweep
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Hi Ash, welcome to the forum. Is that REALLY your name? Were you born to chimney sweep or is it clever marketing?

Thanks, Rebecca, Proofreader and Copywriter
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Hi ,

Thanks ASH are my initails a bit of a coincidence lol.

Ash the sweep
ASH Chimney Sweep

Hi Ash

I am not lucky enough to have an open fire but I have a friend who does and she is always amazed at how cleanly and efficiently her chimney gets swept! I have visions of a scenario where a Dick Van Dyke-type character leaves sooty footprints across the floor, but apparently, these days, with a clever use of boards and a vacuum cleaner there is a not a sooty footprint in sight! 

Welcome to the forum Ash.

Many thanks,
Natalie - Your Local Girl Friday

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