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Published 3rd February 2018 |
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We work with Businesses, corporates and end line consumers on returning them best value for there mobile phones when they choose to sell them. Our team forensically data wipe mobile phones and provide full reports on every Phone we process.

Unlike other recyclers that I have worked for they are limited to there capabilities or choose to take back only certain products where we are paying out on Phones from even 20 years old.

Sell Your Phone The Quick & Easy with Hate My Phone; We buy any Phone in any condition. Business and Corporate Recycling Services we are well known for. We will forensically data wipe your phone. We work with the largest range of Phones covering over 2000 different models.

Sell your phone with www.hatemyphone.co.uk

If your a business then register with us - http://www.hatemyphone.co.uk/business/

If your phone not listed or you have more than 10 devices then please email - info@hatemyphone.co.uk

Hate My Phone Ltd has been Established since 2016 based in Birmingham, West Midlands with over 9 years experience in Telecommunications Industry.

We share expertise in bespoke product lifecycle management, recycling, product re-use and distribution.

We work on B2B (Corporate) Recycling, End Line Consumer Recycling and services on daily basis.

Our team works with the following categories of technology products such as:

- Mobile Phones

- IP Phones

- IT Equipment

- Telecommunication Accessories

- Gaming Devices

- Other Small Electronic Gadgets

Currently the team from Hate My Phone’s core business is Telecommunications and we see over 8,000 handsets per month, supporting the following channels: E-tailers, B2B, B2C, Insurance, Retailers, Traders, Distributors, Vendors and Manufacturers.

Solutions we manage but nor are not limited to is -

- Asset Disposal

- Reverse Logistics

- Stock Management

- B2B Recycling

- Mobile Phone Software Re-Configuration Solutions

- Refurbishment and Repair

- Distribution and Remarketing of Products

- Sourcing - Data Security and Data Wiping.

- Consultancy Services

- Stock Brokering Solutions

- Stock Fulfillment

We work with numerous partners and companies of all sizes to support clients in the best solutions possible. Our management team have worked various consultancy roles over the last year with Manufacturers, Insurance Clients, Government Forces and Universities on market intelligence as well as building or adapting lifecycle systems suitable for there needs. “Capable Solutions for your Tech ”

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