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Published 12th October 2017 |
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Hi my names Jonathan Way and i am a Director of Staysafe Assessors Limited.

We are a fire Safety & Health and safety company and provide expert knowledge in around Essex and surrounding areas.

As a company owner you have a legal responsibility  to keep all of your  employees safe at work.

we at staysafe provide everything you need to comply with all HSE legislation.

from Fire risk Assessments to health and safety audits.

for more information give us a call today  on 01245494946 and one of our friendly team will be happy to help.



Staysafe Assessors Ltd
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Hi Jonathan,

Welcome to the forum. Health and safety gets a bad rap but it is essential. I'm quite glad I have no employees to be worried about at the moment! 

I'll try and avoid any Essex based jokes!

Thanks, Rebecca, Proofreader Extraordinaire
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Welcome aboard Jonathan 

Steve Richardson
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I have just completed a Health and Safety audit for a client of mine and I wouldn't have got through it without the support of an outside H&S assessment team! I have nothing but praise for the work you do - especially as H&S is such a hot topic at the moment.

Many thanks,
Natalie - Your Local Girl Friday
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