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Published 12th October 2017 |
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Hello everyone, I work as a purchasing manager within a large business network. My job is to find my clients goods and service from other local business. Providing you meet the criteria and we tick the boxes for you and your business, you could be dealing directly with a large business network. Please contact Tom.miller@bbxuk.com for more information. 

Look forward to speaking with you very soon.

Many thanks 

Tom Miller


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Hi Tom, welcome to the forum. Is BBX a sort of bartering system amongst local businesses? I've vaguely heard of it. 


Thanks, Rebecca, Proofreader Extraordinaire
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Hi Rebecca

BBXUK is the bank of spare capacity. We unlock and utilise businesses biggest hidden assets, which is the ability to take more work on, without affecting their fixed costs.

 We have a network of over 100,000 businesses for our new clients to use on the BBX platform.

Unlock bartering systems, our clients pay the normal rates for additional goods or services, but they do this with our complementary currency.

Hope this helps.


Tom Miller



Welcome to the forums Tom 

Steve Richardson
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