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Published 9th October 2017 |
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Hi, just wanted to introduce myself.  I'm Marion Yates, a qualified dog behaviourist, based in Lancaster but working across the North West.

I work on a one-to-one basis with clients and - importantly - use only positive, reward-based methods.  Sadly, my profession is not regulated and unfortunately there are still some dated and aversive methods being used out there, so I aim to be ethical in everything I do with both clients and their dogs.  

Apart from that, I'm a dyed -in-the-wool Labrador owner, as you can see!  Here's Merlin and me in sub-zero temperatures up on Caton Moor!


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Welcome aboard to Marion and Merlin 

Steve Richardson
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Welcome to the forum both of you! 

I'm not a dog person but I'm going to learn a bit as my father in law is about to get one and he's bringing it at Christmas. Not sure the cat will be impressed

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Hi there ..Welcome to the forum .. We need so much help with our little  Jack Russell ... She is such a active little thing and doesn't stop for 1 moment lol


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