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Published 7th October 2017 |
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Hello all,

Having made the move very recently to the world of self employment, I was wondering if anyone had any words of wisdom they'd care to share with me especially about marketing and reaching your first clients.  I'm fine with all the legal, financial and business administration and website side of things because we do all of that as a virtual personal assistant service specialising in small to medium sized companies but networking and marketing is very new to me.  

Thanks and look forward  to hearing from anyone, your thoughts would be very much appreciated.





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Hello and welcome to the forum, let us know any questions you may have!

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Morning Janet and welcome to the forum.

In your line of work being on all the usual listings sites, like this one, is always useful. Plus I have found networking locally really helpful. I've worked with virtual assistants that needed to outsource proofreading and it can be a really beneficial connection to both businesses. Good luck with it all. 

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