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Published 11th September 2017 |
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Wroot Ltd is a totally independent 2 Way Radio communications company. Whether you require a new system, a few new radios, a repair on a current system, or advice on a future project, call us and we will give your enquiry our full and professional assistance. 

Wroot specialise in producing a communications system that is designed for YOUR company. Once we have established your requirements, we tailor the equipment we provide to your specific needs. Your satisfaction in the system we produce is paramount to our company. Various maintenance and service packages are available too.

Give us a call and say hello. We'd love to be able to help you with your communications requirements. - The Wroot Team.

Karen *Wroot Ltd*
Wroot Ltd
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Welcome aboard Karen 

In this modern smart phone age, good to see there is still a place for radio communications. 

Steve Richardson
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Welcome to the forum. The first thing I think of with radios is that I must get a CB radio for when the zombie apocalypse comes. 

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